Motor Connector Kits

If your company uses commercial or industrial machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors or other heavy equipment on the job site, you know the importance of a high-functioning electric motor. Your motors are key components in the workplace, generating essential power for your factory or warehouse. That’s why your company must have the tools and resources necessary to safeguard your electric motors from internal complications and damage.

You can protect your equipment from power loss and overloads with motor connector kits containing vital equipment such as starters and protective controls. When your motors are protected, your company can function productively without interruptions or complications.



Motor connector kits are electromechanical devices such as motor starters and controls that protect the main circuit from damage. This equipment typically includes manual “on” and “off” switches, fuseless protection features and wiring to protect the motor against short-circuiting, phase failures and overloads.


  • - 手动控制。
  • - 断开功能。
  • - 温度补偿。
  • -Adjustable current settings.
  • - 过载保护。
  • -Magnetic trip indication.

Applications of Industrial Motor Connector Kits



  • - 泵。
  • -Fans.
  • -Mills.
  • - 压缩机。
  • - 破碎机。
  • -Motor generators.
  • - 机械工具。




了解导致电机到短路是一种防止这些故障发生的好方法 - 特别是当贵公司拥有有价值的重型设备时。电动机可以短路,有几个原因,包括:

  • - 长期电机超载。
  • -Insulation damage caused by friction, heat or wire insertion.
  • - 降低绝缘电阻。
  • - 异物引起的油渍。

With industrial motor connector kits, your company can protect your motors from these common issues.



  • -保护功能:电机启动器和控制功能具有许多功能,可保护电机免受过载,短路和相位损失灵敏度。
  • -减少停机时间:When motors are protected from system failures, you reduce the risk of complications that can create downtime in your facility.
  • -节约成本:当您防止主要设备故障时,最终将贵公司的货币保存在昂贵的维修和停机。


For motor connector kits that protect your company’s motors against damage, choose Global Electronic Services. We have a wide selection of in-house parts, 24/7 support services and quick turnaround times.

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