Magnetic Motor Contactors





磁接触器有两个金属接触the contacts of the parent device. One contact leads to an electromagnetic coil and the other to an iron core. An electric current flows through the magnetic contactor, creating a magnetic field between its electromagnets. The electromagnetism is necessary for the magnetic contactor to work. The electric current pulls the iron core to the electromagnetic coil, forming an electrical arc where electricity passes from one contact to its parent device. This connection is broken when there is no electrical current, or the components are physically separated.

全电压 - 或跨线磁电机接触器为电机提供总电压,因此它可以处理高压电流。



Applications for magnetic contactors include woodworking machinery like shapers and cabinet saws or any engine that requires high horsepower. They’re installed either in control panels or as standalone units within an enclosure.


It is a common misconception about magnetic motor contactors that they are a kind of circuit breaker due to their similar shapes. However, this is not true. Magnetic contactors and circuit breakers perform different functions. Whereas circuit breakers end the connection, the magnetic contactor does not, so there is still live current in the device.



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